I receive guests at my house.

I receive guests at my house.

I receive guests at my house.

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I receive guests at my house.

The price per person is $ 30 dollars in the breakfast is included.

By way of information, I want to let you know the following:

My Department. It is located in an important area both strategically located, as in the best sector of the city of Quito, is 20 minutes from the center of the city, or area museums, 10 minutes from the area of recreational recreation, clubs and restaurants, 20 minutes from tourist valleys, the area’s post office, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, Sports Centre is a 5-minute walk.

The location as you can understand is strategically very well located, the area is very safe, since it is within the boulevard of main avenues, taxis, buses, services system to cross the Avenue.

My Department is ready to welcome two guests, with separate bedrooms, with a completely separate bathroom for guests, social area, kitchen, Wi-Fi service, it is located on the 12th floor with a wonderful panoramic view of the scenery, where from the window, you can see Cotopaxi, Antisana, the Illinizas, heart, etc. In a very comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, I put into consideration the extra service that I am giving my guests and had great acceptance since the service is personalized, in the comfort of a 4 x 4 car with really important sightseeing tours, with advice from shopping, descriptions of sites to visit, with safety and comfort not offered by tourist companies.

Among them are some.

Or Airport transfer – lodging

Or Tour to Cotopaxi volcano Cotopaxi province – Latacunga – Saquisili –

Or Tour to the Otavalo Imbabura province – Ibarra – Cotacachi

Or Tour to the province of Napo Tena – Misahualli – home of the Swiss (Amazon)

Or Tour to the province of Tungurahua baths – visit the cascada Pailón del diablo.

Or Tour to visit Chimborazo province of Chimborazo, Riobamba – by train to Alausí – Sibambe the Devil’s nose – Riobamba.

If the interest of you in knowing the tourist area around Quito, the Amazon rainforest, beach etc. The fabulous Galapagos Islands, and the multiple and various wonderful sites of Ecuador. Or in the case that you have planned to visit places of interest you would like to know, and able to help in this respect since we have multiple and various tourist programs.


Waiting for your news a pleasure to meet them,


Ma. Miracles Herrero




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